Our service features quality Coloring Books, most with 96 pages or more, giving the recipient more than 3 pages per day to color.   The Coloring Books span many themes including popular characters like Dora the Explorer and Spongebob Squarepants, popular toys like Hot Wheels and Barbie, natural themes like Dinosaurs and Wildlife, educational topics, art, holidays and more. View some of them here.

Of course, Coloring Books need crayons.  Our service starts our school age recipients out with a box of 24 crayons included with their first shipment, while our Pre-schoolers receive 10 jumbo crayons. And that's not all.

All told, your recipient will receive:

  • One Coloring Book each month for an entire year
  • A box of 24 regular crayons OR 10 jumbo crayons
  • A short letter each month which mentions the gift giver
  • A special premium for the month of recipientís birthday*

All for only $59.95 per year! That's just $5 per month, shipping and handling included.

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*Supplying a birth month for a recipient is entirely optional. If you do not wish to supply the birth month of the recipient, the special premium will be included in the final monthís shipment as a parting gift.

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